Bridger Tribute

          Bridger became an official therapy dog in the fall of 2013.  However, he started out early being interested in meeting new people and getting pets where ever he went.  He never went on a walk or visited a dog park where he didn’t go up and meet the people standing around first which was how we met Marilyn and found out about Pet Partners and Whatcom Therapy Dogs.  He was kind of a short guy for a golden retriever, and because he was short, had really big paws and a very puppy like face, people often  thought he was a puppy, and were interested in petting him and finding out about him.  They were always surprised to find out that he was several years old.  We took Bridger many places and it was not unusual to have 7 or 8 people standing around petting him.  So he was a natural therapy dog and loved visiting places as a Pet Partner Team.   It was a real privilege to be at the other end of his leash and being a part of his team.